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mit center for cancer research brochure


One of only eight National Cancer Institute-designated cancer research centers in the US, the MIT Center for Cancer Research (CCR), was founded with the singular goal of finding a cure for cancer. Among its many achievements, the Center has developed two of the first molecularly targeted anti-cancer drugs and racked up three Nobel prizes. Though the Center continues to achieve major breakthroughs in the war on cancer, they weren’t communicating these to the world.


Visual Dialogue developed an engaging brochure that defines MIT CCR as the place for cancer research. A simple, yet provocative statement on the cover generates immediate interest and entices readers with the hint of the payoff inside. The main copy and photos outline the past, present and future of the center, while additional content is highlighted in the sidebar. We believed that these materials contributed to their ability to successfully secure funding for their new building and, in a way, will help beat cancer. Director Tyler Jacks commented, “We love the ‘one cure’ concept and the overall design, look and feel of the brochure.” And now they have a new building in the middle of Kendall Square as a result of their capital campaign efforts.